Herbal Remedy Kit
Herbal Remedy Kit
Herbal Remedy Kit
Herbal Remedy Kit
Herbal Remedy Kit
Herbal Remedy Kit

Herbal Remedy Kit

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Herbal Remedy Kit: A Herbal First Aid Kit for Every Home

The HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit encapsulates the power of nature to cure ailments through medicinal plants. It is a one-of-its-kind herbal product that brings to us the age-old natural remedies in a convenient manner. Designed as a herbal first aid kit, it is what you can reach out to before consulting a doctor for professional advice.

Why Opt for Our Herbal Remedy Kit?

One of the major benefits of using herbal medicine is that they have no long-term side effects. Among the other reasons to opt for our herbal remedy kit are as follows:

  • The natural herbs used in our kit are of the highest quality and sourced from Western Ghats, Kerala.
  • Our herbal powders are prepared in US-FDA, GMP certified manufacturing plants.
  • We use herbs that are free of chemicals and preservatives.
  • The kit is affordable and easily accessible through online ordering.

What Does Our Herbal Remedy Kit Contain?

Our herbal remedy kit has been developed to address the common ailments that impact our health and well-being. Here's a breakdown of what the HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit includes:

  • The kit comprises 8 different herbal powders that act as natural remedies for cold, acidity, indigestion, and other common ailments.
  • Each herbal powder is carefully packaged in properly labelled resealable pouches.
  • This kit includes the herbal powders in required quantities that help you overcome the ailments in 3-4 doses.
  • It also contains a few speciality herbs that are not readily available in regular supermarkets or other store.  Read on to know more about the list of herbal medicines in the Herbal Remedy Kit.  

The kit also includes a herbal education booklet:

  • This booklet provides information about the ailments, along with the required remedial measures to overcome them.
  • It also elaborates on the suggested usage method of the natural remedies, their dosages, and the diet precautions you need to follow for the best results.
  • This handy herbal supplements guide has been prepared based on scientifically validated information published by WHO and CCRAS.

A bottle of honey, the suggested adjuvant for most herbs, is also included in this kit, along with 3 dosage spoons. 

Learn more about What is Herbal Remedy Kit and how it can help you - Read our blog here. 

Contents of the kit:

  1. Herbal Powders in Resealable pouches
    1. Tulsi Churna - 50 Grams
    2. Roasted Ajamoda Churna - 50 Grams
    3. Trivrit Churna - 50 Grams
    4. Yashtimadhu Churna - 50 Grams
    5. Amla Churna - 50 Grams
    6. Haritaki Churna - 50 Grams
    7. Sunthi Churna - 50 Grams
    8. Trikatu Churna - 50 Grams
    9. Ayush Kwath Churna - 50 Grams
  2. Herbal Pain Relief Oil - 50ml
  3. Honey - 30 Grams
  4. Dosage Scoops - 3
  5. Herbal Education Booklet 

Ailments Covered

With the list of herbal ingredients in the herbal box you can handle any of these ailments primarily at home itself, without having to take allopathic pills.

Common Cold

Hoarseness of Throat

Dry Cough






Vomitings & Nausea


Minor Sports Injury & Sprains

Loss of appetite


Limited Period Offer: 

As a limited period offer, we have also included "Ayush Kwath" the herbal immunity booster recommended by Ministry of Ayush.

Learn More:

A word of caution:

The primary objective of HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit is to introduce you to herbal products as the first choice of remedy for common ailments against the general Over The Counter(OTC) allopathic medicines. If your symptoms persist for more than a day or two, consult a medical practitioner . You can book a consultation with an Ayurvedic vaidya from our website here

No part of the information contained in the kit should be treated as a medical advice and the information on this Web site or or in booklet is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. If any of the symptoms persist, please consult a doctor regarding any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health condition.

Pregnant women & nursing mothers, persons with Diabetes and Blood Pressure complications should consult their doctor and should not self medicate. Please consult your doctor about dosage while administering the suggested remedies for Children.

You can also book a  consultation with our expert Ayurvedic doctors. Contact us here

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