Ins and Outs of HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit

When we started with the idea of Herbal Remedy Kit, our mission was simple, we have to increase the availability and accessibility to effective treatment of commonly encountered health problems with herbal remedies at home. Read why started working on HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit

With this mission, We asked our in house Ayurvedic medical experts and researched through hundreds of years old Ayurvedic manuscripts, validated against scientifically produced literature by premier Institutes from India and WHO, to find the common ailments and the herbs that can be used to cure them at home.

We found the herbs, we found the remedies and now the challenge is how to bring it to everyone's home. That lead us to Herbal Remedy Kit.  We pre packaged all those herbs that cure the ailments in to a handy home remedy box, that you can use in time of need, without having to hunt around stores.

We did not stop there, with the research support, we developed a Herbal Education booklet, that details the common ailments, their symptoms, how to treat them at home and what kind of diet and lifestyle precautions to take during those ailments. 

We called this comprehensive package "Herbal Remedy Kit".

 Herbal Remedy Kit

Herbal remedy kit is our approach to educate consumers and promote the use of herbal alternatives for primary ailments like Cold, Cough, Acidity, digestive problems etc. The herbal education booklet is thoroughly researched based on age old remedies passed through our ancestor, experiences from our panel doctors and is counter validated against the publications from WHO, CCRAS. This book is to educate users about common ailments and the herbal remedies for each of these ailments.

Next, we tied up with reputed manufacturers to source these herbs and packaged them as a ready to use kit for the modern consumers with hectic lifestyles. Herbal Remedy Kit is now available online at store and will be delivered via reputed logistics partners. 

We believe every house needs a first aid kit and this is your herbal first aid kit for primary ailments.

Do these really work?

Ayurveda is a medical system developed over a period of 5000 years. That means what is documented now has been tried by our ancestor vaidyas across patients across centuries and finally documented a set of herbs for our use. Such uses are clearly documented in books(dictionaries) like Dhanvantari Nighantu and Raja Nighantu. Today India has around close to 5000 medicinal plants with their usages documented and majority of them are scientifically validated within India and global organizations too. For example, a simple search of The National Center for Biotechnology Information for Tulasi, provides all the information on the efficacy, uses and safety of the Tulsi. When used with the help of a certified ayurvedic practitioner, these scientifically validated herbs are safer than the NSAIDs, OTC painkillers and cough syrups.  

Long tradition of use of many herbal remedies and experiences passed on from generation to generation has brought about reliance by the people on herbal remedies. At present, the use of medicinal plants for health benefits is increasing worldwide. 

The ingredients contained in most of the Ayurvedic home remedies work against disease causing organism through various means such as:

  • They kill the microorganisms
  • They prevent their multiplication
  • They block or interfere with crucial processes that can lead to the survival of microorganisms e.g. they can stop cell wall formation in fungi that causes yeast infection
  • They make the environment un-conducive for the micro-organisms to survive


Some of the most commonly known benefits of Ayurvedic home remedies include: Source

  • They have fewer side effects and these are mild.
  • They have no chemicals that could be harmful to the body
  • They are more effective against many illnesses. One kind of home remedy can be used to treat several types of other illnesses
  • It emphasis on preventive as well as curative form of medicine

A recent article from CNN says Honey is better at treating cough and cold than Benadryl cough syrup.

The article quotes a study of 139 children found that honey did a better job of easing nighttime coughs and improving sleep than both the popular cough suppressant dextromethorphan and the antihistamine diphenhydramine (often sold under the brand name Benadryl).

That's why we strongly believe that it’s the time to switch to #herbalremedies for common & simple ailments and stay away from over the counter English medicines

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