Whats Inside HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit

As the name suggests, Herbal Remedy kit is first of its kind in India, a herbal first aid kit for treating common ailments at home, when you do not have a ready accessibility to a doctor. In a regular scenario, for a common or seasonal ailment like cough or cold, one would have approached a pharmacy and popped a pill suggested by the pharmacist or a family member. With Herbal Remedy Kit, the advice and the home remedy is at your fingertips. You can also reach out to us for a custom online consultation with our inhouse Ayurvedic doctor.

The Kit contains a set of hand curated herbal powders picked by experienced Ayurvedic doctors, with home remedies to address the common ailments like digestive problems, pains, cough, cold and throat related ailments. Each of these herbal powders are scientifically proven with well documented evidence both in traditional medicine and modern research.

Along with the herbs, the kit also houses a Herbal Education booklet, a set of 3 dosage spoons, a pain relief oil and Honey.

Why Powders?

While the world has moved on to syrups, capsules and tablets, one may ask why we are still preferring the age old concept of herbal powders. The reason is that the herbal powders are more effective when taken with an adjuvant, some time it may be honey, and sometimes it is buttermilk or hot water. 

You would see that from the Herbal Education Booklet in the kit, where an adjuvant is mentioned for each herbal remedy.

What is the oil given in the box?

Oil given in the box is a proprietary product of Ajjaram Wellness LLP and helps in relieving minor pains and sprains. Follow the instructions given in the booklet.

What's a Herbal Education Booklet?

Herbal remedies for each of the common ailments are documented in this booklet. It comes along with the Kit and is ready reckoner on herbs included in the kit. Currently the booklet is in English and Telugu languages and other languages will be added soon.

Booklet details how the remedies can be administered easily and used within the ambit of primary health care. Each article provides a description of the ailment, herbal powder to be used to address the ailment, dose and mode of administration, precautions and safety aspects, and important references.

What's next? Get your HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit now. 

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