1) What is Herbal Remedy Kit ?

 Read our detailed explanation here 

2) What is HerbsUp?

HerbsUp is our customer facing brand name for our products.

3) Who is behind HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit?

HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit is a product of Ajjaram Wellness LLP. You can know more about us here at our corporate website.

4) How much does Herbal Remedy Kit cost?

Herbal Remedy Kit costs 750 Indian Rupees excluding shipping. Shipping costs depend on the delivery location. As an inaugural offer shipping is free till 31 Dec 2020.

5) Do you deliver outside of India?

No, Currently Herbal Remedy Kit if for sale in India only

6) What is inside the Herbal Remedy Kit?

 Read our detailed explanation here 

7) Are these herbal powders safe?

All the herbal powders in Herbal Remedy Kit are classical herbal powder written centuries ago and are scientifically validated by both Indian and Non-Indian institutions for their safety.

8) Can anyone take these herbal powders?

This is our approach to herbal education. Please consult your family doctor who can advise you better. You can also book a consultation with our doctor here.

9) How long can one take these Herbal Powders?

All these herbals are identified as safe for regular consumption and prolonged use. Please consult your family doctor who can advise you better.

10) Are these herbs meant only for occasional use?

No, a few herbs can be daily used as supplements. Our education booklet explains these uses.

11) Tell me about the packing?

Each herbal powder of 50 gm weight is packed in a reusable craft paper pouch. 8 such herbal powder pouches are placed in a corrugated carton box. All the packing is mostly reusable.

12) What is the oil in the box?

Oil given in the box is a proprietary product of Ajjaram Wellness LLP and helps in relieving minor pains and sprains. Follow the instructions given in the booklet. Oil is for external use only?

13) Where are these powders and oil manufactured?

These products are manufactured by Ayush approved, GMP & ISO certified manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Kerala. You can find the details on the packing

14) How can I consult an Ayurvedic Doctor?

We have a panel of doctors and please fill this form to book an appointment. Currently consultation is only available in Telugu & English.