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Acidity - Gelusil, Cold- Vicks action, Headache - Anacin, Body Pains - Brufen are few of the pills many of us take from time to time without proper prescription. It is time, that we think again and learn alternate ways to solve these common ailments, without having to pop up pills, with eventual side effects.

According to a report in the Times of India, 52% of Indian’s self medicate and majority of the times they pop up one of these allopathic pills which may or may not reduce the ailment, but will eventually lead them to develop resistance to these drugs and these pills will stop working when they actually need them to work. Experts say one could become addicted to these drugs if used for prolonged periods.

Before you take another pill, that you purchased over the counter, think again. Ayurveda has proven over the period that there are thousands of medicinal plants and roots in India that can be used to cure most common ailments. While some of them require a professional doctor's advice, a few of the common/seasonal ailments can easily be treated with herbs directly at home with minimal effort.

These herbal products are effective and more safe and tolerable as compared to conventional allopathic products.

To strengthen and support the body’s natural immune system, in many countries across the world, herbal medicines are now considered as one of the therapeutic approaches with minimal or no side effects. Not only that, our grandparents grew up with a few of these common cures, but they’ve long since fallen out of fashion.

We asked Ayurvedic medical experts and researched through hundreds of years old Ayurvedic manuscripts, validated against scientifically produced literature by premier Institutes from India and WHO, to find the common ailments and the herbs that can be used to cure them at home.

This is our attempt to increase the availability and accessibility to effective remedies of commonly encountered health problems with herbal remedies at home.

What is Herbal Remedy Kit?

HerbsUp Herbal remedy kit is designed to address the common ailments and includes herbs to cure these remedies at home. We also included a remedy guide to help you understand the ailment and the required remedy with suggested usage method, dosage and diet precautions. 

  • Herbals for home remedies in required quantities that help you overcome the ailments in 3-4 doses.
  • Includes specialty herbs that are not readily available in nearby mom&pop shops in cities &  towns.
  • A remedy guide to help you understand the ailment and the required remedy with suggested preparation process & dosage.

What is Inside Herbal Remedy Kit?

Herbal Powders : 

Single herb powders identified based on scientific evidences and age old home remedies used to treat common ailments at home and backed by research from trusted Indian and Global institutions. These ailments include and not limited to Acidity, one off indigestion, constipation, sore throat, cough, cold, headache etc.

Education Booklet:

HerbsUp herbal remedy kit also includes a booklet to understand the symptoms of common ailments and a way to treat them using herbs . It is compiled under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts and vetted against industry leading research. If you just want the book in pdf format reach out to us here. It also includes dietary guidance to be taken up during the period. 

Dosage Scoops:

Kit includes a set of dosage scoops to pick the herbal powder for consumption. These scoops are carefully selected such that you pick the required dosage, no more or no less.

Ailments Covered

With the list of herbal ingredients in the herbal box you can handle any of these ailments primarily at home itself, without having to take allopathic pills.

Common Cold

Hoarseness of Throat

Dry Cough






Vomitings & Nausea


Minor Sports Injury & Sprains

Loss of appetite

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