HerbsUp - Nov-2020 Newsletter

Hi There, 

Hope you all are safe and healthy. Happy to share updates from HerbsUp and other interesting things we found on the interwebs this month 

Starting with our updates:

  • We believe that a lot of common seasonal ailments can be addressed with herbal alternatives to OTC medication. Ofcourse, you need to take a doctors advise as soon as possible if the home remedy or OTC product is not effective. Our Herbal Remedy kit is based on this premise and we do believe in it. But there are also a lot of herbal enthusiasts who occasionally wants to try a few home remedies . To help those we wrote a definitive list of things one must consider before following any home remedy. Do read it about them on our blog here. Do read, comment and share with your friends, if you think they will benefit from it. 
  • HerbsUp Vedaari Pain relief oil, which is part of the Herbal Remedy Kit, is now available as an individual product and can be purchased on our site or Amazon India

Other interesting things we found on the web 

  • Israeli scientists have found that they can stop ageing and can also reverse the process....yaay.. hopefully we can all be eternals in future, but for now it's just an experiment. Read more here
  • Ministry of AYUSH shares ‘three simple steps’ to improve immunity; Here’s how. We also recommend the Ayush Kwath for a period of 2-3 months to especially during this winters to keep yourself safe from seasonal ailments. You can buy Ayush Kwath HerbsUp or on Amazon .
  • WHO is planning to set up centre for traditional medicine in India to strengthen the evidence, research, training and awareness of traditional and complementary medicine. Read more here. In case you don't know it already our Herbal Remedy Kit started with this publication from WHO about traditional home remedies for common ailments and we followed a lot of advice given in that WHO publication while creating our Herbal Remedy Kit.  You can also check out WHO publication here. 

That's all for this month, stay safe-stay healthy. 

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