Why you should leave picking herbs to experts.

We wrote about how to consume Giloy or Guduchi in our previous blog post here. Over there we also indicated that you should always pick expert formulated products from a trusted pharmacy rather than picking the raw herbs for yourselves. 

In this context we saw a tweet from Ministry of Ayush saying that there are two similar looking plants like Giloy and while the actual Giloy is useful, the other Giloy looking plant may be harmful. 

Why you should leave picking herbs to experts and buy products made by trusted manufacturers


Now, consider this, as a layman an not an herbal expert, how qualified a normal consumer would be to remember this kind if minor differences between leaves and stem and be able to pick the right Giloy to consume? 

So, it is always best to let Experts pick the herbs that are harvested as per Good crop practices published by WHO and manufactured in GMP and Ayush certified facilities, rather than picking the raw herbs all by yourselves.

Incase you are advised to use the raw herbs, always show them to an expert and make sure you pick the right species of the herb and also use the right part of the plant in the right dosage form. 

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