Ten Commandments of Food - According to Ayurveda

In Charaka Samhita Vimana Chapter, the following are the 10 commandments one should follow while consuming food. 

  1. Ushnam Asneeyaath : One should always take food that is warm.
  2. Snigdham Asneeyaath : One should take food that is oily, Ayurveda in general suggests only Ghee . Oil is considered as Taamasa (intellect-duelling food) where as ghee is considered as Saatwika ( intellect promoting food)
  3. Maatravat Asneeyaath : One should take food according to proper measure. See the 10th item for more commentary on this commandment. 
  4. Jeerne Asneeyaath : One should take food after what is taken previously has been digested. 
  5. Veerya Aviruddham Asneeyaath : One should take food that is so made up as not to be of hostile potencies. Though this is the exact translation, what it meant could be that, one should not take food that is potent for this gut and digestive capabilities. 
  6. Ishte Dese Asneeyaath: It says that, it's just not the food that's important. One should also consider the place where they are eating it and hence ambience is also important while eating food. One should take food in an agreeable place not to experience any negative feelings or shocks. If we infer it a bit more, we should always consider eating at home like place than streets. (Maybe this was the way of telling us to avoid the street food) .
  7. Naati Drutam Asneeyaath :  One should not eat too quickly
  8. Naati Vilambitam Asneeyaath : One should not eat too slowly. 
  9. Ajalpan Ahasan Asneeyaath : One should eat food with out talking much or laughing while eating, but with concentration (mindfulness or tanmanah).
  10. Aatmanam Abhisameekshya bhunjeeta samyak: One should eat after an adequate survey of their own self. noting carefully what is suitable to self and what is not suitable. Verify that which is suitable for own soul and not the body. One's own conscience should be consulted and not others instructions. No diet plan would work if you are satisfied with what you are eating and convinced that it's good for you. Implies to say no forced diet plans without your conviction would work. 

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