HerbsUp - Oct'2020 Newsletter

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Hope you are safe and healthy. Happy to share with you all updates from HerbsUp from the month of October-2020.

We wanted to share that HerbsUp Herbal Remedy Kit got featured on . Check it out here 

On our blog this month 

Other interesting thing we found on the web. 
  • We recently learnt that, a remarkable spice and a popular home remedy -Hing - has always been imported into India and never was grown here. India has now started experiment to grow it in Himalayas now. Read more here.
  • Medicinal plant have changed our humanity. We found this narrative podcast on the how the actual medicine Ayurveda became the alternative medicine with Europeans learning the ayurveda in India by trick and trade from local vaidyas who have accumulated over thousands of years. Listen here.
  • Folks at Mint, published this article saying "Maida may not be the supervillain of the flour world". Do check that out. 
  • Finally, on DNA, they say that a country-wide investigation by the Food Safety and Standards Authority has revealed that 9.5 percent of vegetables sold in the market are not edible because the amount of harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium present in these , which are at least two to three times higher than the prescribed limit.
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